Whose Adventures Have You Been a Part Of?

This week’s interview comes from Pennsylvania. Dave is an old friend of David’s and we really enjoyed visiting him and his family and hearing about his journey of discovering his passion and starting a business.

He has built up a business based on a desire to support and encourage leaders in the church. His own experience if being in a leadership position and feeling isolated and alone, gave him the inspiration and motivation to find a solution to the problem of burnout that is so common in leadership. It took a lot of time and many small steps to get to where he is in his business today, but he says that the journey has been worth it!


Be sure to check out the Ad Lib Music website and connect with Dave on facebook and twitter.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing your story, we were so encouraged by your passion! Keep up the awesome work!

We love Dave’s mission to support and encourage people in their journeys. I’m sure he has played a role in many, many adventures. We know how easy it is to feel isolated and alone in the process of chasing a dream or stepping out of our comfort zones. We believe that sharing in each other’s adventures is so important because it is nearly impossible to accomplish your dream all alone. Let’s recognize that our own adventures and dreams are part of a bigger picture and make an effort to get connected with each other, realizing that the parts we can play in others’ stories in turn enrich our own.

Be a part of someone else’s adventure or tell about a time that you have! Whether it’s through encouragement, support, or just being there through the journey, every little thing counts and can make a world of difference!

Remember, each week we’ll be putting out a new challenge and you can respond in whatever way works for you – tweet at us, tell us on facebook, or even do a blog post or youtube video! Our goal is to encourage you to look at your daily life in a new way 🙂

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