Where We’re Headed

Right now we are on our first Blank Canvas™ tour. This summer we are traveling to different locations all over the United States – capturing fun and unique pictures with our blank canvas, spreading inspiration and encouragement, and gathering stories of people who are painting their own adventures.

This is a map of the originally planned stops but they have gotten switched up a bit.

Check out our interactive map of places we’ve been and places we are still going!
(yellow = places we’ve been, green = stops on the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour, blue = places we are going) 

Click on any of the locations that we’ve been to, to see fun pictures and discover links to find out more about each of our adventures!

If you’d like to be a part of our journey, we’d love to have your support!
Check out our project here and join our team here.

Follow our journey here.


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