the Tour

Once upon a time…

We started taking pictures
with a blank canvas.


As time went on, it grew to be bigger than a hobby, bigger than us. The blank canvas became a symbol to us of taking risks, going after big dreams, living with a mindset of adventure, and the tagline “Life is a blank canvas – paint an adventure!”™ was born.

The summer of 2012 was the start of a bigger movement to spread encouragement and inspiration. (original promo video here)

The Blank Canvas Tour is happening right now, as the team makes its way around the US, collecting stories of people who are passionate about what they are doing. We are connecting with people, and we want to connect people with each other.

This process has been so amazing that we don’t envision stopping anytime soon. Even after the kick-off tour is over in late September, we’ll continue going out to meet people and tell their stories. We care about your story, and we’d love to get to know you!

We’d love for you to be a part of the journey, check out some fun opportunities here!

See our stops are we going somewhere close to you?

Show your awesome support in the following ways:

1.) Let other people know about it!

2.) Give toward our project and get some cool rewards:

  • digital blank canvas cards
  • credits to the Beauty of One store
  • we’ll bust a move on Youtube for you!
  • an ad on the blog [LIMITED quantity reward!]
  • we’ll do a dare of your choice on Youtube
  • BlankCanvas™ card, on-location poloroid, and Twitter mention
  • get your blog/shop/business featured in one of our promo videos! [LIMITED quantity reward!]
  • a full access pass to the tour, including a tshirt!
  • a sponsored video for your blog, shop, or business
  • custom artwork!
  • design time with Kaleidoscope International
[donate_button button_type=”default” title=”Support Encouragement and Inspiration” description=”Your donation helps to cover the expenses involved in this type of project since it is strictly on a volunteer basis. You can see how monies are used on the “Money” link on the site or feel free to email as well!” style=”wdf-minimal” paypal_email=”[email protected]”]

3.) Sponsor us with your shop, business, or blog and we’ll promote you in our vlogs or blog posts!  A few ideas include:

  • ad space on the site, sponsored post, giveaway or promo code
  • accessories, jewelry, clothing (1 couple, 2 kids ages 5 and 2, and one teenager + 1 other adult will be on the tour, as well as a virtual team member)
  • beauty products
  • photography or video related equipment and accessories
  • food items
  • automobile related items (and even better, a vehicle to take on the trip!)
  • summer vacation related items (maybe even passes to a family excursion?)

Contact us to start a beautiful collaboration!

We hope you’ll join us!!!


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