Pushing Past Prejudice

We did some fancy footwork and were able to meet up with Meghan when we were in Ohio! She set up our first surprise interview with her friend, Ashlee, at her job in a daycare center. We completely surprised Ashlee and much fun was had by all as we sat down and talked about Meghan and Ashlee’s passion to tear down the walls of prejudice and judgement that separate us. They are also both working towards earning their degrees in special education so that they can eventually open their own preschool/daycare center. Their message of hope, acceptance, and real beauty is so inspiring. And how did this all start? After a rather amusing situation in middle school… we’ll let you check it out.

You’re not going to want to miss the inspirational back-story in part 2!

Meghan and Ashlee, thank you both so much for sharing your dream with us! We love your passion and determination to make a difference, and will definitely be following your journey 🙂

Be sure to also check out Meghan’s blog over at The Struggling Cyster.

You can also follow them on twitter.

Now it’s your turn again! We’re revamping the weekly challenge a little bit:

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