We want YOU to have a say in who you think we should interview as part of the Blank Canvas Tour, so we’re opening it up to anyone – worldwide! If the nominee is in the US we will probably aim to interview them in person, but if they’re not, we’ll consider doing the interview via online chat. Here’s a little bit about what to expect!

Why should you nominate someone’s story?

  • $100 for one lucky interviewee!
  • $50 for the one making the winning nomination!*
  • show your support of their dream!
  • share the story with a wider audience!
  • the opportunity to be a part of encouraging and inspiring others!
  • we might get to come meet you!

One person from the videos we do for the tour will receive $100 to put toward living their dream! *If you’re nominating someone else and they win you’ll also be awarded $50, so promote away! The winner will be chosen by popular vote at the end of the tour.

Who should you nominate?

  • someone who you believe is really talented and should be living their dream, but they’re too scared to try or don’t believe in themselves
  • someone who is already working hard toward living their dream and you think deserves more encouragement
  • someone who is successful whose story you think would be inspirational to others
  • yourself! your dreams are important and we want to hear about them!

How to make a nomination:

Write a blog post containing the following and link it up!

  • who you’re nominating and why
  • what their dream or talent is
  • how this person’s story could encourage others
  • any links that pertain to the story, including social media profiles, shop links, etc.
  • any pictures that support the story
  • our linkup button (could also be in your sidebar instead)

KEEP IN MIND: Your blog post is not what will be voted on, but more just to alert us to the story, so don’t worry about perfect words and pictures.

For examples of some simple dreams/stories, visit the Your Adventures series here.

See our first practice sample interview here.

If you don’t have a blog but would still like to make a nomination, email us with the above information and we’ll get back in touch with you!

We can’t wait to read all of your stories!

Blank Canvas Card Tour Nomination


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