Launch Party!

What do you do when your crowdfunding project launches before you realize it is going to happen? Well, in our case you scramble around like crazy to try to get up to speed!

We have SO many ideas of where to take this, guys, you can barely imagine! It’s a long, long road with a whole LOT of sweat and probably some tears… but by the grace of God we’re going to keep going!

We had to have a little team celebration for making it this far. Since we stay away from sugar most of the time, and also keep it out of our kids’ diets for the most part, we picked midnight to have the Kalona Chocolates that Krista brought us 😉

and the next day we had a pizza party!

Thanks for taking us to 4% of our goal so far!

(by the way, we had a free pizza, we’re not just throwing good money sense to the wind 🙂 )

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