it’s not all fun and games in New York City!

It’s been far, FAR too long and SO much frustration has gone into this first vlog. Between traveling everyday for a while in there, struggling with our inverter and blown fuses (which equals little to no power on the road), and the video editing program being a complete butthead, well, I had to TRICK this vlog into FINALLY getting finished!

So yes, we’re going back 17 days moving day in New York City, but not before the attack of the child-stealing robot! The boys struggle their way through city driving, with fear of being shot, while the girls eat lunch off of plastic bags. The day wouldn’t be complete, of course, without running from rats in Chinatown and a midnight trip to the worst McDonald’s in the world. Enjoy…

And then, having to be flexible with plans due to the rain, we made the most of our third day in New York City, which included a little song and dance number, and ended with a surprise.

Yeah, this is the reality of our current life – crying kids and all…

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We’re currently in Oklahoma City, headed out today for Fort Worth, TX! Lots of stops and adventures have happened in between New York and now, and it’s all been vlogged, so stick around to see more soon – I think I’ve managed to wrangle the rebellious program into some sort of submission, so I anticipate getting caught up in the next week? Maybe? I might enlist Krista to help, not sure yet…

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