I’d like to just title this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, it’s how we feel right now! After WEEKS of searching, and FAR too much time spent driving to look at vans (because we live in the middle of nowhere), last night our summer transportation was finally acquired!!!


We’ve also acquired a new camera for higher quality video that has audio input (I should say that Krista has acquired it, really 🙂 ) and our mic setup should be coming today! About to be legit, friends. LOL.

So now the plan is to head out on Saturday morning for Indiana and be there for the rest of the weekend, then back to Chicago on Monday or Tuesday.

That means registering the van today, a little laundry, cleaning up our house/cleaning out our fridge, re-packing, finishing preparing the setup and system for managing videos and pictures on the road, etc.

I really hope we can remotely stay on top of all the things we’ll need to be doing! This has really been very much a one step at a time thing… Thank you all so much!

You should go check out what our virtual team member, Julie, had to say about our visit last week! (and don’t forget to check the “As Seen On” page for other posts about the tour) Here’s the little vlog Julie got us to do as we were on our way out the door – GOOD WORK 🙂 She was also the one who gave us the idea to take a picture with each person we interviewed – yes, I think we’ll keep her.

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