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Don’t Let Today Slip Away

If you enjoyed part 1 of Kirk & Karla’s story, you might want to check out part 2…

Kirk & Karla have a dream and passion for the future but they aren’t waiting until the stars align to start really living. Check out this week’s Challenge and tell us about how you’re living an adventure!

One (small) Step per Day

Have you ever felt like your dream has ended? Then you’ll probably be interested in seeing how Susan has overcome what, at the time, seemed to be defeat.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out part 1 of Susan’s story here.

We really liked Susan’s advice of doing one thing each day to work towards a dream or goal. It’s a really good way to stay focused and motivated. Can you guess what this week’s Adventure Challenge is yet?

Shoot us a message or comment on this post if you decided to take on the Adventure Challenge! We’d love to know how it went!

Living the Adventure

Last week’s Adventure Challenge was about living with open mind and being willing to try new things even when you never would’ve expected them. Basically, the challenge was to say, “YES!” instead of making excuses all the time.

One of the people we met this summer is really living that out! We were even able to interview him and tell his story here, on our blog.

Rick is in his forties and hadn’t been in a race for a long time. When a friend suggested racing in the Iceman Cometh Challenge, a mountain bike race, Rick didn’t use his age or current level of fitness as excuses. Even though he never thought he’d pick up his old hobby again, Rick started training just last year. Since then, he’s been in several other races and is now getting ready to reach his goal and ride in the Iceman Cometh Challenge this weekend! We think that’s way cool and are so excited for him!

I’m sure Rick would’ve never seen himself at this point just a couple of years ago. He made the decision to try something new and that decision has effected his life in multiple rewarding ways.

Check out his blog to find out more about his story and follow him on facebook and twitter to find out how the race goes!

p.s. Are you up to the challenge of living with a mindset of adventure? Check out this week’s Adventure Challenge!

Are You Living An Uncommon Life?

Are you ready for part 2 of Tom’s Story? Here it is! Find out the inside story, the challenges and highlights, the fears and failures, of Tom’s journey to starting his own speaking/coaching business.

This week’s Adventure Challenge gives you a chance to be a part of  Tom’s vision to live with a motor-mindset. Are you ready to start living an uncommon life? Check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and then tell us about how you lived it out!

The Other F Word

How do you deal with failure?

Last week’s Adventure Challenge was to turn a failure into a learning experience, instead of letting it leave you feeling defeated.

On an episode of Sound Bites for Success, Kaiser says that there’s no ultimate failure except accepting your failure. Are there any failures that you’ve accepted and allowed to keep you down?

Make sure to check out Kaiser’s story  here if you haven’t already!

Are you ready to start living with a mindset of adventure? Take on this week’s Adventure Challenge and then let us know how it went!

What’s On Your Idea Board?

We are so glad that we were able to meet Michael and Claudia at the beginning of the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour! Their story is so inspiring but you’ll have to go check it out for yourselves on their website, rise 365. It’s chuck full of goodies you won’t want to miss!

One of their projects that we thought was pretty cool is their idea board. They’ve started keeping track of inspiration, dreams, goals, and the progress they make on a big board that they put up on the wall in their kitchen.
That’s a pretty fun way of putting last week’s Adventure Challenge, of turning your dreams into goals, into action.
They’ve also recently shared some more insight into goals and dreams on their blog.
Short-term goals are the key to getting to your bigger long-term goals and dreams. They can be the catalyst that gets you off your bum in planning mode and starting to actually do something which brings momentum and inspiration.
This is so true! It’s pretty overwhelming to start working toward one ultimate goal, which usually leads to no action at all. Breaking it up and setting smaller, short-term goals that you can more easily work towards, is what makes the ultimate dream actually happen. Read the rest of the post here, to find out more about setting short-term goals.
What would you put on your idea board and how have/are you setting goals to reach your dream?
Don’t forget to check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and take it on, if you dare! We’d love to hear how you’re living a life of adventure!

Part 2 of Grant’s Story and the Time that We Failed

Want to hear the inside scoop on what it took Grant to follow his dream of owning a music recording studio? Check out part 2 of his interview and, if you didn’t catch part 1 already, go check it out here.

Grant talked a little bit about failure in his interview and we’ve also had our share of experiences when it comes to failure. Be sure to watch this week’s Adventure Challenge to find out about a time when we really screwed up an interview while we were on the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour.

So now that you’ve heard our embarrassing story… We want to hear about your experiences, big or small, with failure. Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about dealing with failure. You can hit us up on facebook, twitter, youtube, or this blog and your story might be featured on our blog!

Taking on the Adventure Challenge

Each week we want to highlight stuff you’re doing. We loved Christine’s reply to last week’s adventure challenge! Check out what she had to say about stepping out of her comfort zone and facing her fears.

“I seem to be living life outside of my comfort zone lately, as I’m transitioning from the corporate world to a full time writer/editor. Recently i’ve learned that typically it’s the thing that I fear the most that/’s worth pushing past.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Christine, and keep up the awesome work!

You should all go check out Christine’s blog, River of Thoughts, to find out more about her journey!

Want to join in on the fun?! Check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and let us know how you are/have taken on the challenge of living with a mindset of adventure!

Turning Your Dreams into Goals

Did you all catch Kaiser’s interview about becoming an actor? If not, you might want to go check it out here. But, if you want the inside scoop on what it actually takes to be an actor, check out part two of Kaiser’s interview to hear about the ups and downs and challenges and highlights of being an actor.

Ok people! Kaiser shared with us how he has turned his dreams into a reality by breaking them up into smaller goals. Now it’s our turn! Do you dare take on this week’s adventure challenge?

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve done and are doing! Remember, you can tell us about it on any of our social media sites including twitter, facebook, our youtube channel, or by commenting on this blog post and we’ll highlight some here.

Is Your Comfort Zone Getting too Comfy?

So did anyone take on the adventure challenge of facing your fears/stepping out of your comfort zone this week? If you did, be sure to tell us about it by commenting on this post!

Tammy, who was SUCH an encouragement and inspiration to us while we were on the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour (And we even got to meet and interview her!), shared how she stepped out of her comfort zone this week on her blog. Her example shows that’s it’s possible to live with a mindset of adventure even in something as simple as taking notes at a conference!

Check out this excerpt from Tammy’s blog.

“Last weekend, I attended my third Quitter conference, hosted by Jon Acuff
…I went to the conference to help encourage other dreamers. I also went to gain inspiration and insight from people who are living their dreams…
…I was thinking about how I could use the great insights that I learned. I take notes, and typically go back and look at them, but I wanted to do something different. Last year, my friend Christine did something that I really liked. She took visual notes from the Killer Tribes conference. I loved looking at them. Since I have difficulty drawing a stick figure, I immediately told her, “Wow, I could never do that!”
…But, guess what? I decided that I needed to push myself completely out of my comfort zone and try it…
…This is a huge step for me to actually share these with anyone. I look at these and think about how someone else could do them better. That would be fear at its finest. However, maybe somebody will enjoy seeing them. I’m learning that in order to create, we sometimes have to be very uncomfortable when first showing our art to the world. That is my big step for today. Sharing these with you.”

Way to be awesome, Tammy! We love that you’re trying something new and thought that it turned out great!

Curious? Go check out the whole post to see Tammy’s creativity unleashed! Be sure to follow her on her blogtwitter, and facebook for a bunch more inspiration and encouragement!

^ Tammy at the Quitter Conference  ^

I know that we especially enjoyed Tammy’s notes because we love what the Quitter conference is all about and wish we could’ve been there ourselves. But , at least the BlankCanvas was able to to make an appearance there, thanks to Tammy. (Yep! She’s just pretty much awesome!) She suggested that our BlankCanvas cards be used at the conference and we ended up sending BlankCanvas posters to the conference.

Check it out!

We also thought it was really cool to see how people from the conference, like Dustin, used their BlankCanvas poster! Click the picture to check out Dustin’s great idea for using the blank canvas again and again – DIYers take note 🙂

Now, back to Adventure Challenge… Be on the lookout for the next Adventure Challenge coming on Monday! (yes, we’re switching up the days, so don’t be confused!) We can’t wait to hear how you’re living with a mindset of adventure!