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gettin’ creative and crafty – Kayla’s Story

We had the pleasure of meeting Kayla way back in Milwaukee. She was the last of the three interviews we did there and we had a great time! She has a cool little room where she lets all of her creativity flow, and, trust me, she has a lot of it! She is is so sweet, fun, and crafty and we loved hearing her story of how she is taking her gift of making cards and is turning it into a business.

 She is very passionate about what she does and you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the cards she makes!
Here are just a few examples.

 Oh yeah, and did we mention she has a blog too?! Be sure to follow it and like her facebook page to be sure to get all of the latest updates on her business, Kayla’s Kreations.
Thank you, Kayla, for sharing your story with us and we wish you all the best as you continue to pursue your dreams!

Clayton the Mustache Man

I really cannot think of a good way to describe Clayton. You just can’t put this guy in a box. He does it all! So I decided to title this post after one of his seemingly crazy ideas that raised a crazy amount of money.

However, Clayton’s passion is not, in fact, for mustaches. He started out his interview by looking straight into the camera and saying that his passion was for the bengal tigers. There was a brief moment when we were trying to decided whether to laugh or tell him that we think we had the wrong Clayton because the Clayton we were supposed to be interviewing was passionate about youth. To our relief, he was joking. Although, an interview about someone who loved bengal tigers would’ve been interesting. But Clayton is a youth pastor and social worker and he comes up with very creative and fun ideas for raising money to support his ministry.

Curious yet?

Check out his interviews that will be sure to entertain and inspire you!

Don’t forget to watch part 2 of his interview in which Clayton answers tough questions about the ups and downs and highlights and hardships of his journey of working with youth.

If you’d like to check out his ministry, hop on over to their website 


BCT Interviews Explained

Are you going to be interviewed by the Blank Canvas Tour team
and want to know how to be prepared?

Are you thinking about doing an interview with us
but aren’t really sure what to expect?

While we were in Chicago, we stepped outside for a bit to make a quick little video explaining what it’s like to be the subject of one of our interviews. If you are planning to be interviewed or are considering it, check out this video that will, hopefully, demystify the interview process.

So there you have it! Our interviews are more like very informal, laid-back conversations about your journey through life.

We love hearing people’s stories and seeing how each one is so unique and yet so similar.  Our stories connect us in such a cool way! We feel so blessed by everyone who has allowed us to take a little peek into their journey and to share it with others.

So THANK YOU to everyone who has opened up and shared your story with us so far!

(especially since you were the first interviewees we had and probably had to bear with our inexperienced selves as we sorted through some sort of technical difficulties at one point or another 🙂

out and about in Chicago

Last night the adventure took us to Orchard Church where our street team member, Tammy, had arranged for the interviews she’d lined up for us to be conducted. When we stepped foot into the church our little artist hearts danced a little jig as we discovered all the amazing artwork that covered the walls throughout the building! I’m now kicking myself that we didn’t at least get pictures!

As it was, we jumped right in with figuring out where to start the first interview, and we didn’t really stop until about six hours later after finishing the sixth and final interview of the evening. We were tired when we left, but so refreshed by all of the great stories we got to hear!

Here is a little glimpse of topics:

Human Trafficking

Honoring Uncommon Effort

Letting Go of the Brakes

We were so, so blessed by Tammy’s work in setting up and making all of the arrangements for us, bringing her two boys along that played really great with our kids, and her generosity in giving to this project!

Our equipment definitely got quite the workout, and we were plugging in batteries and emptying memory cards right and left to try to keep up 🙂

We’re looking forward to sharing these stories with you, but it’ll be a bit in editing, so until then, you can watch the daily vlog from Tuesday – our first day of living with the Jesus People here in Chicago. If you care to see a few pictures from the beach and such I posted some over on our personal blog here.

Waiting to Run, Milwaukee

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sue of Waiting to Run when we were in Milwaukee, WI July 17-20.  We’re planning on homeschooling our kids, so it was especially interesting for us to see how she is managing to be a wife, homeschooling mom, and still working on a part of her that she believes is important and is there for a reason. She was honest with us that it’s not easy, and I’ve since thought of more in-depth stuff that I’d want to ask her if we were to do her interview over. I think our process will become more refined as we go.

Check out Sue’s interview and Q&A and then scroll to the bottom for a free music download!

From Whispered by Sue/Waiting to Run:
Do You Recall (free download)

You can also see pictures with Sue here.

HELLOOO Milwaukee!

On Day 3 of tour we had some free time so we headed out on the city! This vlog will give you a bit of insight as to how we might be making some of our decisions on this tour, LOL. We also played a game that night after our interview that gave us some insight into the inner workings of Jeff’s (Julie’s husband’s) mind. It’s a humorous place, but not always kid-friendly, if you know what I mean (boy humor). It’s ok, the kids were watching Dora.

We also got to meet Kayla of Kayla’s Kreations that evening for an interview. We had a lot of laughs with her and her husband – good times! Go check out her post about our visit!


Want to be a part of the fun? Check out the team opportunities and link up a nomination post or just connect with us on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

Tour Day 2: Milwaukee, WI

We hit day 2 with a bang, photo shoot in the morning and then an interview with Sue of Waiting to Run. We’re excited to be using some of her stuff for music in our videos in the future!

This is our “we met her!” picture we’re going to pull out when she’s famous 🙂

Here’s the vlog from day 2!

it’s on!

And going strong… 2 interviews down, 1 or 2 more today!

We jumped right into it with a surprise interview on Tuesday night after we arrived here in Wisconsin and had a little coffee.

It’s been a great couple of days, very jam-packed! We’re really happy to be able to meet our virtual team member – she is a little less virtual and a little more like real life now 🙂 Her family is pretty super awesome as well!

Here is another sneak peak of a photo shoot we did yesterday.
Girls just wanna have fun, you know.

Check out the vlog from the first day of tour while we head out for some on-the-street this and that.

Meet Clayton, the crazy inventor/radical fundraiser dude!
We’re going to be posting these pictures when they happen and the interviews will come later. 

Randall has been doing a sketch for each person that we interview.
Yes, there is an inside joke as to the diamond in the light bulb here 🙂 

are you one crazy decision away from making your dream happen?

We all take different routes to the realization of our dreams.

Sometimes, as you will see from these videos, you just have to go for it and not look back!

(we’ll be doing a few of these before our tour starts so that we can practice and get a good feel of how we work together and what we need to have for all of those that we hope to do on the road!)

Tell us what you think!
Suggest what you’d like to see more of or other questions you’d like to have answered in these interviews.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow the fun!

we want to tell YOUR story!

So we are only about a month away from when we hope to start touring, and we’re starting to line up some of our interviews!

Meet one of our interviewees!

Marlon Braccia, author of The Enlightened Cook: Protein Entrees and star yoga instructor, contacted us a few weeks ago about being involved, and we are excited for the chance to meet her in LA and taste some of her amazing cooking! Check out some great cooking tips on her YouTube channel!

We have some other people in mind for interviews already, but we want YOU to have a say in it!

Check out the map of our tentative stops and see if we’re going somewhere remotely close to someone you think we should feature. (it can even be yourself 😉 ) Although, honestly, don’t worry about the map too much as the trip will be a little flexible, just nominate away!

All you have to do to make a nomination is to write a blog post talking about why that person would make a good interview candidate, which might include how they have inspired you in some way. If you’re writing about yourself you can talk about obstacles you’ve overcome on the way to living your dream, or how you are working toward a dream you have.

The bottom line is, we are looking for people to feature who have or want to have,
a mindset of adventure.

In other words, those who have done something that could be considered “crazy” in going after their dreams, those who have been scared and unsure of how things were going to turn out, and those who want to pursue a dream but aren’t sure if they’re ready to take that next step.

We also want to hear from those who are pursuing their “normal” dreams, like being a teacher or doctor, and want to be real and open about the struggles and obstacles that they face. One size does not fit all and all kinds of dreams are very real and relevant. The most important thing is that you are pursuing and seeking out what you were created to do (and we recognize and identify with the fact that sometimes we do a lot of different things on our way to finding our niche – and even that can evolve over time, but we want to record the journey).

We’ll be promoting the people and businesses we connect with to interview on our tour, and featuring them now and to be continued indefinitely as we build up a resource of encouragement for people everywhere.

One of the reasons we want you to be involved in this process is because once the nominations are in, we’ll be letting you vote on your favorite story potentials. Once we start putting up the interviews everyone will be able to vote for their favorite, and the winner will be awarded a percentage of our product sales while on tour, to put towards  pursuing their dream!

We’ll be starting the linkup in the next couple of days, so put your thinking caps on and get your posts ready!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!