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Not as Easy as It Looks

I think acting is definitely one of those careers that we  idealize. We tend to only see the highlights of it but there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. I, for one, found it really interesting to hear the inside story on the daily life, struggles, and rewards of being an actor.

I really love Sara’s passion and determination! If you want to see more of her work, you can follow her on twitter and check out her profile.

Following a Dream to LA

Sara is not your typical young lady. She’s actually what some people would call crazy and what we would call passionate. She  bravely made some major changes in her life so that she could pursue her dream of living in L.A. and becoming an actress. Although the journey hasn’t been easy, Sara says she doesn’t regret it!

 If you want to connect with Sara or follow her journey, you can follow her on twitter and check out her profile.

Struggling to Measure Up

If you enjoyed watching Natalia’s Story, don’t miss part 2 of her interview! Get the inside scoop on the highlights and hardships of Natalia’s journey so far!

Don’t forget to check out her website and follow her on twitter and facebook.

We’re going to take a short break from doing the Adventure Challenges during this Holiday season!

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll be back next week with the story of how Sara followed her dreams of being an actress and can now say that she has met and acted alongside Betty White! You won’t want to miss it!

Momma Turned Blogger/Fashionista

2012 bct

While in California, we were really happy that we got to meet and hang out with Natalia, a friend Christina had made via blogging. I think the kids also enjoyed it since they got to play with her two sons and their pet turtle. It was really cool to sit down and hear Natalia’s story of struggling to “find herself” after becoming a momma. Once she found what she loves doing, she ran with it and hasn’t looked back!

If you want to more great fashion tips and advice (and who doesn’t!?) or just to find out more about Natalia, check out her website or follow her on twitter and facebook.

Don’t Let Today Slip Away

If you enjoyed part 1 of Kirk & Karla’s story, you might want to check out part 2…

Kirk & Karla have a dream and passion for the future but they aren’t waiting until the stars align to start really living. Check out this week’s Challenge and tell us about how you’re living an adventure!

Making the Most of the Journey

While we were in Ohio, we got to stay with Kirk & Karla, who are long time friends of David & Christina. We had a lot of fun together and are so glad they were part of the tour this summer!

Kirk & Karla have a beautiful family (seriously.. two of the cutest, sweetest girls ever! :)) Even though they have a dream of working together overseas, they aren’t letting it cause them to miss out on their life right now. Find out how they haven’t let go of the dream that has always been a part of their lives together but are also embracing the journey to get there.

When It Seems Like You’ve Lost Your Dream

Susan has actually been pursuing her dream for a while now. Most of the people we met on the tour hadn’t been at it for quite that long. So it was really cool to get Susan’s perspective and advice on chasing a dream. At one point, she almost lost it all but she didn’t give up.

We were so inspired by Susan’s obvious passion for the girls and babies she works with. While we were in Texas, we even got to see their new house and are so excited for them!

 If you want to find out more about Mercy House, check out their websitefacebook page, and twitter.

Are You Living An Uncommon Life?

Are you ready for part 2 of Tom’s Story? Here it is! Find out the inside story, the challenges and highlights, the fears and failures, of Tom’s journey to starting his own speaking/coaching business.

This week’s Adventure Challenge gives you a chance to be a part of  Tom’s vision to live with a motor-mindset. Are you ready to start living an uncommon life? Check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and then tell us about how you lived it out!

Going the Extra Mile

While we were on tour this summer, we were really encouraged by Tom and his story of pursuing his passion to motivate people to give an uncommon effort to excel.

Although it took some sacrifices and a lot of hard work, Tom says he feels like he is alive again and has a purpose. We can also definitely relate to his story of taking a step of faith and jumping into something without really knowing what it’s going to look like or turn into.

Check out Motor’s website, twitter, and facebook to learn more about living an uncommon life.

Toms, thanks for being an inspiration to go against the flow and take on life with an uncommon enthusiasm and passion!

Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind

Meet Ron. Pretty much your average Joe, living the safe life in his own world… Until something happened that made Ron decide to start doing things differently. He started looking at life from a different perspective, having an open mind, daring to step out of his own safe, little world, and experiencing life in a whole new way.

Then, Ron met us on the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour. And we’re so glad he did. We were able to hear his awesome story and to now share it with you.

Yep! That’s what we’re all about, people! We loved hearing Ron’s experiences, advice, and insights into living with a mindset of adventure! It just goes to show how one little decision to step out of your comfort zone can lead to amazing things that you never could’ve imagined.

And that leads us to this week’s Adventure Challenge which found me out on the streets asking people about their experiences in trying new things even though they can be a little bit freaky…

Will you take on this week’s Adventure Challenge? Let us know how on twitter or facebook!