Catching Up!

We are steadily recovering from our week without internet! So you’ll (hopefully) be seeing a lot more vlogs coming out a lot faster and just maybe we’ll be able to catch up! Right now we’re hanging out in Virginia with another beautiful family. Kelly from the Houtz House Party blog has been an awesome hostess. (I’ve also discovered that she’s super-mom…) With Maeve and Maverick added to the bunch, there are six kids running around the house. As you can imagine, we have quite the party going on here! We’re planning to get out of the house and hit Washington D.C. tomorrow!

Now rewind about ten (yes, TEN) days ago to when we were back in Ohio, chilin’ with family. There is definitely some major cuteness happening in this vlog that you’re going to want to check out!

Did you know that Randall can juggle in the dark but he has trouble setting up a bed?

I didn’t either….

Just in case you’ve been wondering about the mysterious Madame Blueberry, she is one of our cameras. It (or she..??) is bright blue, which has earned her said name.


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