Callie out on the town

In gearing up for the tour we are doing some fun on-the-street practice interviews and such, so this morning we went downtown to a little arts and crafts market that they have once a month in the summer. We had a nice time talking to a number of people who are pursuing their dreams and hearing their perspectives on what it takes to make it.

The kids got a little face paint on their arms since Maverick went first and was a little wary of the lady messing with his face.

David noticed a nice spot for a blank canvas shot and Callie did a little posing.
The kids couldn’t resist playing the piano, so they joined her in the shot when David was done šŸ˜‰

Krista and I manipulated David into doing what we thought was a yoga demonstration andĀ Callie was all set up to laugh at him in the background (in his opinion), but he actually ended up basically getting a massage and Callie kept falling over, and over, and over, so… I think David won.

We also posted a few of these!

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of what life on the road with us this summer might look like…

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