Building a Ministry after a Broken Marriage

We were able to stay with Doug & LIsa while we were in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was so fun to meet and get to know them! Their encouragement and passion were so refreshing! They are working towards their dream of supporting and serving pastors. We loved hearing their story of how they unexpectedly discovered this dream and how they’ve seen many different pieces of their life fit together to lead them to this point.  

Don’t forget to watch the one-on-one Q & A’s with Doug & Lisa too!

Want to learn more about the Barnabas House of Oklahoma?

Check out their website and follow them on facebook and twitter.

Doug & Lisa also shared about the past struggles and hardships that they’ve had in their marriage. They have come from a hurt and struggling marriage to, now, pursuing their passion together. We love to see couples working together and we thought that Doug & Lisa’s story is very inspiring!

Thank you, Bib & Leila (Maverick’s interpretations of their names..) for your hospitality and friendship! We were so blessed through meeting you and we can’t wait to come and visit the Barnabas House. 🙂

We definitely know the value of Lisa’s advise of telling other people about your dream and surrounding yourself with encouraging and supportive people. We also know that it can be a hard step to take. The adventure challenge this week is to tell someone, friends, family, someone you just met, or anyone that will listen, about your dream or to connect with a group of encouraging people who will support your dream.

Then, let us know how it goes! How did they respond? What were the results of stepping out of your comfort zone to tell someone else about your passion? Are you glad you did it?

Remember, you can connect with us via facebook, twitter, youtube, or your blog to let us know how you completed the adventure challenge. We’d love to hear your story!

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2 Responses to “Building a Ministry after a Broken Marriage”

  1. Lisa Taylor
    Twitter: barnabashouseok
    September 20, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    is it crazy to say i made myself cry? awesome job, guys – so pleased with what you put together!

  2. David Ryan March 5, 2014 at 6:50 am #

    Yes. Having supportive people to guide you goes along way.
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