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We got to meet Tiffany from Mrs. Pate Writes when we were in South Carolina. Christina had connected with her through her blog and we loved hearing about her passion to use her voice for a good cause! In fact, through her blog, she is partnering with and supporting many ministries and non-profit organizations. Check out her interview to find out how one blog link-up gave her the inspiration to use her blog to make a difference.

And don’t miss a behind-the-scenes look at the the highlights and hardships of Tiffany’s journey so far!

Want to get involved or just stay updated on what’s happening with Just Cause?

Follow Tiffany on her blog, facebook, and twitter!

You can also check the organizations she’s partnered with so far, Free the Girls and Sole Hope!

Tiffany, thank you for making us feel so welcome in South Carolina and for sharing your story with us! We wish you all the best as you continue moving forward on your project!

Tiffany shared with us how she deals with discouragement. So the adventure challenge for this week is to take a potentially discouraging situation or conversation that you’ve been in and, instead of being defeated by it, learn from it! Share how you’re going to / have taken those experiences and looked at them from a different perspective, chosen to be motivated instead discouraged by them, or have used them to continue building on your dream!

Don’t forget that you can  tweet at us, tell us on facebook, or even do a blog post or youtube video to participate in the challenge! Our goal is to encourage you to look at your daily life in a new way, so go ahead and meet the challenge in your own creative ways!


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