Blanca as a Beach Model

We picked a beautiful day to take Blanca to the Manuel Antonio beach in Costa Rica. With Blanca, two kids, camera and camera equipment, lunch, and beach supplies in tow, we hiked through the jungle until we (finally) got to the beach. We swam in the ocean, watched the monkeys, and ate a picnic lunch before taking Blanca out to get some pictures. We were completely exhausted after the long day but we had a blast and got some great blank canvas pictures.


BlankCanvas™ pictures
{Blanca as a beach model} 

digital_blankcanvas_CostaRica_by_thebeautyofone5 digital_blankcanvas_CostaRica_by_thebeautyofone4 digital_blankcanvas_CostaRica_by_thebeautyofone3 digital_blankcanvas_CostaRica_by_thebeautyofone2 digital_blankcanvas_CostaRica_by_thebeautyofone8 digital_blankcanvas_CostaRica_by_thebeautyofone6


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