The Adventures Start with Callie

It all started in downtown Iowa City, Iowa, when David and Christina went out on the first BlankCanvas™ adventure. They had been looking for a way to display their artwork on theBeautyofOne website and had the brilliant idea of taking pictures with a blank canvas and then superimposing their artwork on the pictures to showcase it on the website. As they were out on the photo shoot, they began to realize that the shots they were getting were fun, artistic, and creative. The shots were good enough to be a product in itself. So they eventually evolved into BlankCanvas™ Cards and became the reason for many more adventures. And somewhere along the line, our blank canvas earned the name of Callie, which means beautiful.

BlankCanvas™ pictures
{from Blanca’s first adventure}

digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone19.jpg digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone15.jpgdigital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone14.jpg digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone10.jpgdigital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone9.jpg digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone8.jpgdigital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone7.jpg digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone5.jpg digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone4.jpg  digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone1.jpgdigital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone2.jpg digital_blankcanvas_Iowa_by_thebeautyofone21.jpg

click on any of the pictures to see the whole picture and make a purchase!

your creativity + (Callie’s First Adventure) BlankCanvas™ Cards


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