BCT Interviews Explained

Are you going to be interviewed by the Blank Canvas Tour team
and want to know how to be prepared?

Are you thinking about doing an interview with us
but aren’t really sure what to expect?

While we were in Chicago, we stepped outside for a bit to make a quick little video explaining what it’s like to be the subject of one of our interviews. If you are planning to be interviewed or are considering it, check out this video that will, hopefully, demystify the interview process.

So there you have it! Our interviews are more like very informal, laid-back conversations about your journey through life.

We love hearing people’s stories and seeing how each one is so unique and yet so similar.  Our stories connect us in such a cool way! We feel so blessed by everyone who has allowed us to take a little peek into their journey and to share it with others.

So THANK YOU to everyone who has opened up and shared your story with us so far!

(especially since you were the first interviewees we had and probably had to bear with our inexperienced selves as we sorted through some sort of technical difficulties at one point or another 🙂

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