back on the grid in DC!

Wow, that was a LONG week of being disconnected!!! We kept up with posting on Twitter via our phones, but other than that we were hurting. We did make it to approximately the worst McDonald’s in the world to try uploading a vlog one day, but apparently their policy is “please leave ASAP”. (They had no bathroom, no refills, and no outlets!) So needless to say, we have quite a bit of catching up to do!

Quite a lot of interesting things happened in New York, but for time’s sake we’ll let the vlogs tell most of the stories 🙂 Let’s hurry up and start getting caught up with those, shall we? Here, we’re back to our last day in Columbus, OH in which my favorite part is the boys learning ballet… In the second vlog we’re leaving Columbus and heading to Mt. Vernon for a big surprise!

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