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back on the grid in DC!

Wow, that was a LONG week of being disconnected!!! We kept up with posting on Twitter via our phones, but other than that we were hurting. We did make it to approximately the worst McDonald’s in the world to try uploading a vlog one day, but apparently their policy is “please leave ASAP”. (They had no bathroom, no refills, and no outlets!) So needless to say, we have quite a bit of catching up to do!

Quite a lot of interesting things happened in New York, but for time’s sake we’ll let the vlogs tell most of the stories 🙂 Let’s hurry up and start getting caught up with those, shall we? Here, we’re back to our last day in Columbus, OH in which my favorite part is the boys learning ballet… In the second vlog we’re leaving Columbus and heading to Mt. Vernon for a big surprise!

strange things happen on the Blank Canvas Tour

I could pretty much sum it up by saying that these vlogs are called “mouse turds and pole dancing”, “piggyback pushups”, “water bottle hair”, and “salsa sandwiches”. So… there are definitely a few moments worth watching in here.

This morning we’re leaving Ohio and off to PA!

getting caught up

It’s already been a week and one day since we left on this third leg of the tour, you know, the one where we actually have the van now – and it’s for real? By the time we actually made it home from Chicago last Friday night it was 9:30, and we somehow scurried around and left again at noon the next day. We’ve been a little tired for quite a while now…

I managed to get 4 more vlogs cut up last night, so I’ll put two of them here. We get some presents for the road, a card from Kayla’s Kreations, and paint the van! (among the other normal randomness)

In this vlog, our first day in Michigan, someone finds mouse turds in an unlikely location and someone else pole dances. What?! The weirdness continues…


I am telling you, people, I had to fight tooth and nail to get this stupid vlog to work! I had it all edited forever ago but then something got screwed up with the file and I’ve been trying to make it work ever since. I ended up having to find a new program and redo the whole thing! I might have just given up, but it was kind of a funny day… it was our third and last full day with the Jesus People, and Krista and Randall went out in the city by themselves on a little adventure. Our kids are pretty flexible and great, but sometimes we just need to keep them at home.

And since we’re quite behind by now, here’s the next day’s vlog as well. I’m going to try to get caught up today, barring more technical difficulties. Seriously, it’s just been one thing after the other – poor J having issues with the social media program, David having major problems with his computer, etc. But as J said yesterday, at least we all just keeping pushing on! This is the day we left Chicago and headed back to finally pick up the real van for the rest of our trip.

hanging out in the thumb

The goal is to be posting here every day, and now that WE’RE OFFICIALLY ACTUALLY ON TOUR with no more backtracking back home, that’s what we’re going to do! (barring lack of internet connection, of course) So yes, we are about 4 days behind with vlogs now and I’ll hopefully remedy that today, though the connection where we’re staying is pretty slow for uploading.

(us with Tammy, our wonderful interview coordinator in Chicago!)

We were in Chicago with the Jesus People until Friday morning and then hurried home to pick up the real van. The “hurry” turned into not actually getting to our house until 9:30pm… we had a little side trip to the dr with Maeve because she hadn’t been acting like herself and we suspected she had strep. A quick test revealed that we were right. So obviously we had to get antibiotics, then picking up and transferring stuff to the other van, cleaning out the one we’d borrowed for the week, and stopping at my parents for supper which always takes a while somehow 🙂

On Saturday morning we managed to scurry around in our house and leave there by noon. Was it all clean? Sadly, no. But oh well I guess.

So now we’re here in Michigan trying to get caught up. Poor Krista is about 12 interviews behind on editing. I’d like to see us putting out two per week, but it remains to be seen if that’s going to be possible. I think she has our other two Milwaukee interviews about ready to post, and I think it’s definitely going to get better as we have been refining out processes. We kept being distracted by preparing for being actually gone from home, so now that we are I have high hopes we’ll be more efficient!

David almost has the financial spreadsheet done so that everyone can see exactly how funds are being used. We were very blessed to almost meet our initial goal with basic funding before this leg of the trip, but of course we’ve had a few non-basic expenses we’ve had to take care of already, namely paying for half of the new transmission for the van. So you’ll be able to see how all of that shakes down. Thanks for all of your support so far!

Here is last Wednesday’s vlog, complete with getting locked out,
a dreaded blue screen, tickets, and a play!

out and about in Chicago

Last night the adventure took us to Orchard Church where our street team member, Tammy, had arranged for the interviews she’d lined up for us to be conducted. When we stepped foot into the church our little artist hearts danced a little jig as we discovered all the amazing artwork that covered the walls throughout the building! I’m now kicking myself that we didn’t at least get pictures!

As it was, we jumped right in with figuring out where to start the first interview, and we didn’t really stop until about six hours later after finishing the sixth and final interview of the evening. We were tired when we left, but so refreshed by all of the great stories we got to hear!

Here is a little glimpse of topics:

Human Trafficking

Honoring Uncommon Effort

Letting Go of the Brakes

We were so, so blessed by Tammy’s work in setting up and making all of the arrangements for us, bringing her two boys along that played really great with our kids, and her generosity in giving to this project!

Our equipment definitely got quite the workout, and we were plugging in batteries and emptying memory cards right and left to try to keep up 🙂

We’re looking forward to sharing these stories with you, but it’ll be a bit in editing, so until then, you can watch the daily vlog from Tuesday – our first day of living with the Jesus People here in Chicago. If you care to see a few pictures from the beach and such I posted some over on our personal blog here.

on the way to an evening of interviews!

On Monday we got to interview Grant from Electric Angel Studios, which was like a “big toy box for adults” as he put it – Maverick felt it was his own personal toy box, however… We’re on our way out the door, so the vlog will be all for the moment. More later of course!

Indiana is the greatest place to be

If you don’t know what this title is talking about, just watch the last vlog and then you will 🙂

We had a somewhat relaxing Sunday, and got to interview Michelle in the afternoon. She’s working toward being an amazing writer/director, and we can’t wait to see all the great stuff she’s going to do!

Here’s the vlog for Sunday! What are your thoughts on our current “theme song”? Should we switch it up periodically?

where we were

The last few days we’ve been hanging out in Indiana and were able to get two great interviews and try to get caught up a little bit on some of the editing and such. Between daily life stuff, traveling, and getting the interviews, it’s pretty easy to get behind on editing and posting, and all of last week was spent sorting out the van issue… Here’s the first day back on the road!

are you a fighter?

This song fits well with what we’re about here.