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We left Nashville for a long drive to Tulsa. There was a strange gas station, a little van show, and a couple random characters who showed up along the way. The day ended with a bit of theological discussion for good measure.

While in Tulsa we discovered one of our Blank Canvas cards on the fridge, Randall encountered some prejudice?, and Maeve taught us some Spanish!

old granny short shorts

We headed from South Carolina to Atlanta to stalk an old grandma running around Olympic Park in short shorts. After finally capturing her on camera, we found where we were staying and became even more red-headed…?

Our team was a little excited to meet the Blimey Cow brothers of YouTube because we quite enjoy watching their videos. We were sad that Kelli wasn’t able to make it, but we had a great time hanging out with Josh and Jordan for a few hours, and even got Big Head Kid to do an on-the-street interview!

what do cannibals think about while eating?

More from South Carolina…

Catch-up days are always a little more uneventful for the team, but Randall takes the opportunity to test out his cooking skills. The kids do this and that and supper ends up a bit questionable. Then a horrible discovery is made, and everyone shows off on a pull-up bar.

The team heads off to church, but pretty much just gets lost. Maeve discovers she has an extra finger or toe?! The team gets lost AGAIN, but in the middle of nowhere this time, but we finally make it to our evening visit, where we learn things you shouldn’t encourage your kids to do and things that cannibals think while eating. We ended the night with the realization that Randall has squeaky feet.

cow stomach soup

It’s been several days because I was mad at the internet refusing to upload the vlogs I’d edited! However, we’ve been having a great low-key time here in El Paso, and have managed to attend a breakfast of cow stomach soup and a Mexican birthday party!


Last night we went out to film the last part of an inspirational video we’re working on, but it was getting dark, so it might have accidentally been a practice run… We also finally worked it out to film the face dance we’ve been planning to do for a long time! That should turn out fun, but I don’t know when it will be up 🙂

Ok, so let’s get back to the vlogs! A couple of weeks ago we left Virginia (DC area) and headed to Charleston, SC. On the way someone got a hankering for cake, in the van? Sounds like a good idea, right? And on the way to buy said cake, we discovered a praying mantis with an affinity for shopping?!

The team starts out the day narrowly avoiding killing a cyclist before stopping by to visit Tiffany from Mrs Pate Writes, who sends us to the beach. We’re a little too stupid to make it to the beach, however, but we do manage to find another place for the children to get sopping wet. Krista gives her friends gifts via video, and contemplates buying something very questionable for Christina. We eventually reach our destination for the night, but our host is gone!

we have a know-it-all on our hands…

On the road to El Paso yesterday I got three vlogs edited! Whoop! Here are two more from when we were staying with Kelly 🙂

Get ready for the weekly Adventure Challenge later today, along with a new interview!

crazy things happen in New York City

On our last day in New York City we finally went out like proper tourists 🙂 Nikkiana was a great guide, but she couldn’t keep us from doing at least one dumb thing…

and then we headed to the DC area to see Kelly!

We’re headed to El Paso today for our longest stretch in one place!

it’s not all fun and games in New York City!

It’s been far, FAR too long and SO much frustration has gone into this first vlog. Between traveling everyday for a while in there, struggling with our inverter and blown fuses (which equals little to no power on the road), and the video editing program being a complete butthead, well, I had to TRICK this vlog into FINALLY getting finished!

So yes, we’re going back 17 days moving day in New York City, but not before the attack of the child-stealing robot! The boys struggle their way through city driving, with fear of being shot, while the girls eat lunch off of plastic bags. The day wouldn’t be complete, of course, without running from rats in Chinatown and a midnight trip to the worst McDonald’s in the world. Enjoy…

And then, having to be flexible with plans due to the rain, we made the most of our third day in New York City, which included a little song and dance number, and ended with a surprise.

Yeah, this is the reality of our current life – crying kids and all…

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We’re currently in Oklahoma City, headed out today for Fort Worth, TX! Lots of stops and adventures have happened in between New York and now, and it’s all been vlogged, so stick around to see more soon – I think I’ve managed to wrangle the rebellious program into some sort of submission, so I anticipate getting caught up in the next week? Maybe? I might enlist Krista to help, not sure yet…

are you feeling awesome???

I predict that you’re about to 🙂
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with a mindset of adventure

We have had quite a few little adventures in the week or two, most of which are still waiting to be revealed in upcoming vlogs. The two most notable moments were in NYC and several days later in DC. We don’t want to spoil the vlogs… but let’s just say that we really had to choose to look at them as adventures, because in the moment we could have lost it a little bit.

Life is full of stories and we want to hear yours! One of our goals is to encourage people to live with a mindset of adventure. With that in mind we want to start putting out a new challenge every week – something simple that you can do and share in a weekly linkup in conjunction with the new interview we put out for that week.

The challenge for the week is just a prompt, you can link up any story with an adventure twist you want. Are you doing something out of your comfort zone? Are you pursuing something? How are you living life on purpose and not just letting it pass you by? Maybe it looks like something that went wrong but you chose to view it as an adventure instead of letting it get you down.

Whether it’s an adventure that happened in the past, one you’re right in the middle of, or one you want to start, we want to hear from you!

Real stories from real people are powerful and meaningful. Here’s your chance to use your story to inspire to others! Each week we’ll pick one story to feature here.

The first challenge is to do something that makes you feel young. What does that look like to you? Come back on Wednesday to link up something you’ve done before or something you do between now and then 🙂

Now, let’s go back to PA where we had something unusual for breakfast!

And the next day we traveled to NYC!

I’ve been trying real hard to grow an afro for you

oh Randall, Randall, Randall.

We’re headed into DC today, planning to meet up with Jennifer of Mommy Huh, who’s giving us a tour of the Capital Building. Saweet. Planning to bring back some nice goofy pictures. Until then, check out what we were doing last Monday in PA, which included Randall flexing his brain.