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gettin’ creative and crafty – Kayla’s Story

We had the pleasure of meeting Kayla way back in Milwaukee. She was the last of the three interviews we did there and we had a great time! She has a cool little room where she lets all of her creativity flow, and, trust me, she has a lot of it! She is is so sweet, fun, and crafty and we loved hearing her story of how she is taking her gift of making cards and is turning it into a business.

 She is very passionate about what she does and you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the cards she makes!
Here are just a few examples.

 Oh yeah, and did we mention she has a blog too?! Be sure to follow it and like her facebook page to be sure to get all of the latest updates on her business, Kayla’s Kreations.
Thank you, Kayla, for sharing your story with us and we wish you all the best as you continue to pursue your dreams!

Clayton the Mustache Man

I really cannot think of a good way to describe Clayton. You just can’t put this guy in a box. He does it all! So I decided to title this post after one of his seemingly crazy ideas that raised a crazy amount of money.

However, Clayton’s passion is not, in fact, for mustaches. He started out his interview by looking straight into the camera and saying that his passion was for the bengal tigers. There was a brief moment when we were trying to decided whether to laugh or tell him that we think we had the wrong Clayton because the Clayton we were supposed to be interviewing was passionate about youth. To our relief, he was joking. Although, an interview about someone who loved bengal tigers would’ve been interesting. But Clayton is a youth pastor and social worker and he comes up with very creative and fun ideas for raising money to support his ministry.

Curious yet?

Check out his interviews that will be sure to entertain and inspire you!

Don’t forget to watch part 2 of his interview in which Clayton answers tough questions about the ups and downs and highlights and hardships of his journey of working with youth.

If you’d like to check out his ministry, hop on over to their website 


BCT Interviews Explained

Are you going to be interviewed by the Blank Canvas Tour team
and want to know how to be prepared?

Are you thinking about doing an interview with us
but aren’t really sure what to expect?

While we were in Chicago, we stepped outside for a bit to make a quick little video explaining what it’s like to be the subject of one of our interviews. If you are planning to be interviewed or are considering it, check out this video that will, hopefully, demystify the interview process.

So there you have it! Our interviews are more like very informal, laid-back conversations about your journey through life.

We love hearing people’s stories and seeing how each one is so unique and yet so similar.  Our stories connect us in such a cool way! We feel so blessed by everyone who has allowed us to take a little peek into their journey and to share it with others.

So THANK YOU to everyone who has opened up and shared your story with us so far!

(especially since you were the first interviewees we had and probably had to bear with our inexperienced selves as we sorted through some sort of technical difficulties at one point or another 🙂

ready. set…………

Remember that TBD person who’s going on the tour with us? Well, he’s finally been decided!

Meet Randall the sketch artist!


Like the rest of us, exactly what he’ll be doing on the tour will be determined as we get a better feel for how things are going to work out. But you’ll probably be seeing his sketching skills in action a lot.

I (Krista) met him for the first time about a week ago but David & Christina have known him since…ok. I don’t really know how long they’ve known each other but they’re good friends. And, as you can see from the video below, we’re all already having lots of fun together getting ready for the tour.

Speaking of the tour, did you know that we’re leaving TOMORROW? We’re going to visit the lovely Julie from The Funny Thing of It Is blog (she also happens to be our virtual team member!) in Milwaukee, WI. We are so excited to meet up with her and her family to kick off the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour! For this week, we are borrowing a van from a friend and we’ll be on the lookout for a van we can use for the rest of the tour.


We have been so blessed by two people who want to support the Blank Canvas Tour by donating money to help us buy a van. We just found out about it yesterday and were completely taken by surprise. But this post is already getting long so we’ll save that story for another time.

In the meantime, check our new interactive map of all places the blank canvas has been and all of the locations we want to hit this summer. If you’re anywhere close to any of the places we’re headed this summer, we’d love to meet up with you!

(yellow = where we’ve been, blue = where we’re going)

Paving the Way for the Blank Canvas

That will be the task of the Blank Canvas Tour STREET TEAM!

Basically, they’ll be spreading the word about the blank canvas’s arrival, letting us know any pertinent info about the city, and searching out the best spots for BlankCanvas™ photo shoots and on-the-street interviews (or just generally cool places that we shouldn’t miss)

Want to know more about the street team? Check out this short movie!

So basically, the street team gets to run around doing crazy things like madly waving flyers from a moving car (if you didn’t watch the movie, you might want to because the crazy intern might have actually done that…) and representing the Blank Canvas Tour.

And you can be as creative and crazy as you want! Fun stuff, right?

Could YOU be on our street team at any of these locations?

*note – If you don’t live near one of these locations, you can still join our team to spread the word via social media and scout out good stops and events you think we wouldn’t want to miss. There are lots of ways this whole thing could evolve, so jump on the ride!

 If you want to be a part of the tour, contact us HERE.

But, as you saw in the movie, joining our street team isn’t the only way to spread the love.
Let people know about the Blank Canvas Tour via social media too!

Grab a button to show your support!

Copy to

We’d love, love, love to have you be a part of the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour! Join our team? 

p.s. Introduction of our street team manager coming soon!

Be A Part of Something BIG!

“You can’t dream bigger than God.”

That’s what we believe and we want to live it out through the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour, even if it’s not always easy. We’re inviting you to go on every part of this journey with us – the highs, the lows, the ups, and the downs. We want your help to start a new movement of living a life of adventure! Let’s dream big together!

So how do you get involved?
First, watch our promo movie, if you haven’t already, which explains what we’re all about.

Now check out this little (maybe somewhat humorous, especially if you know David)
video update that outlines how you can support us.

We’ll be doing this full time for the next few months, so we won’t have access to an income – we’re by no means rolling in the dough as it is, LOL! (or maybe more like not “LOL”) But we’re taking this leap of faith one step at a time. Don’t forget we want to give you fun stuff in return for your monetary support 😉

Any of the items we need that you or someone you know could donate or lend would obviously be amazing! (thankfully one tripod has already been lent! happy dance!!!)

Right now, we’re especially looking for a travel vehicle because with the 4 adults and 2 kids we at least need a van. If you or someone you know has connections that could set us up with something, you would totally rock our world and our hearts would probably actually explode out of our shirts because you’re so awesome. (video reference, in case you didn’t watch it!)

So what are you waiting for? Click now to give at least $1and make our day! Think of the children. (and another video reference!)

We started a linkup for you to nominate someone to be featured in one of our videos, which we’ll be posting on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Rhonda’s Kalona Coffee House story HERE.

Also don’t forget to watch some on-the-street interviews we did more recently!
We’ll be aiming to hit as many of these kinds of events as we can during the tour.

(we’ll be putting subtitles on the harder to hear portions of the first video, but it does show why we need a mic!)

Contact us with any questions or to offer leads 🙂

Thank you for your time and support!