are you one crazy decision away from making your dream happen?

We all take different routes to the realization of our dreams.

Sometimes, as you will see from these videos, you just have to go for it and not look back!

(we’ll be doing a few of these before our tour starts so that we can practice and get a good feel of how we work together and what we need to have for all of those that we hope to do on the road!)

Tell us what you think!
Suggest what you’d like to see more of or other questions you’d like to have answered in these interviews.

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we're a passionately creative multicultural family, self-employed and location independent, and we're on a mission to inspire people to go after their dreams.


  1. Guess WHAT! - Tico ♥ Tina - June 12, 2012

    […] See our first practice sample interview here. […]

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