and then things got a little crazy-go-nuts!

So we just ran across on Wednesday afternoon. We were almost ready to start putting our project up on one of the other crowdfunding sites we’d been checking out when some of the features of START caught our attention, one being that we could put everything up live before we actually launched, kind of like a test run, to get feedback about the way we had everything set up.

The site having just launched definitely made us think twice or three times about actually going with them, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to just try it out for the audition week or so and then maybe use one of the other sites to actually launch. So we put our project up early on Thursday morning.

To our surprise, we got an email on last night (less than 24 hours from posting) telling us that our project could be launching as early as Sunday night. The plan had been to get caught up on other things over the weekend at least, but we quickly realized we needed to push preparations into high gear!

Truth be told, we hadn’t really even told anyone about the project yet because even though we had been working on the side towards launching it, the language we used when talking about it was always very tentative. It really didn’t seem like there was anything to discuss yet!

So now here we are, freaking out just a leeeetle bit about how insane this actually is…

David has been working on a press release and I’ve been working on refining our supporter rewards for the project (with a lot of help from Krista!) and we’ve both been working on getting the site updated – this section is totally new and we will be trying out the file downloads we’ve been planning to add for forever. I also have a lot of work to do in developing the framework for our tour team. I’ve set up the initial info here, so check it out!

Pray for sanity! 🙂

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