Are You Living An Uncommon Life?

Are you ready for part 2 of Tom’s Story? Here it is! Find out the inside story, the challenges and highlights, the fears and failures, of Tom’s journey to starting his own speaking/coaching business.

This week’s Adventure Challenge gives you a chance to be a part of  Tom’s vision to live with a motor-mindset. Are you ready to start living an uncommon life? Check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and then tell us about how you lived it out!


Going the Extra Mile

While we were on tour this summer, we were really encouraged by Tom and his story of pursuing his passion to motivate people to give an uncommon effort to excel.

Although it took some sacrifices and a lot of hard work, Tom says he feels like he is alive again and has a purpose. We can also definitely relate to his story of taking a step of faith and jumping into something without really knowing what it’s going to look like or turn into.

Check out Motor’s website, twitter, and facebook to learn more about living an uncommon life.

Toms, thanks for being an inspiration to go against the flow and take on life with an uncommon enthusiasm and passion!


The Other F Word

How do you deal with failure?

Last week’s Adventure Challenge was to turn a failure into a learning experience, instead of letting it leave you feeling defeated.

On an episode of Sound Bites for Success, Kaiser says that there’s no ultimate failure except accepting your failure. Are there any failures that you’ve accepted and allowed to keep you down?

Make sure to check out Kaiser’s story  here if you haven’t already!

Are you ready to start living with a mindset of adventure? Take on this week’s Adventure Challenge and then let us know how it went!

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Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind

Meet Ron. Pretty much your average Joe, living the safe life in his own world… Until something happened that made Ron decide to start doing things differently. He started looking at life from a different perspective, having an open mind, daring to step out of his own safe, little world, and experiencing life in a whole new way.

Then, Ron met us on the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour. And we’re so glad he did. We were able to hear his awesome story and to now share it with you.

Yep! That’s what we’re all about, people! We loved hearing Ron’s experiences, advice, and insights into living with a mindset of adventure! It just goes to show how one little decision to step out of your comfort zone can lead to amazing things that you never could’ve imagined.

And that leads us to this week’s Adventure Challenge which found me out on the streets asking people about their experiences in trying new things even though they can be a little bit freaky…

Will you take on this week’s Adventure Challenge? Let us know how on twitter or facebook!

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What’s On Your Idea Board?

We are so glad that we were able to meet Michael and Claudia at the beginning of the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour! Their story is so inspiring but you’ll have to go check it out for yourselves on their website, rise 365. It’s chuck full of goodies you won’t want to miss!

One of their projects that we thought was pretty cool is their idea board. They’ve started keeping track of inspiration, dreams, goals, and the progress they make on a big board that they put up on the wall in their kitchen.
That’s a pretty fun way of putting last week’s Adventure Challenge, of turning your dreams into goals, into action.
They’ve also recently shared some more insight into goals and dreams on their blog.
Short-term goals are the key to getting to your bigger long-term goals and dreams. They can be the catalyst that gets you off your bum in planning mode and starting to actually do something which brings momentum and inspiration.
This is so true! It’s pretty overwhelming to start working toward one ultimate goal, which usually leads to no action at all. Breaking it up and setting smaller, short-term goals that you can more easily work towards, is what makes the ultimate dream actually happen. Read the rest of the post here, to find out more about setting short-term goals.
What would you put on your idea board and how have/are you setting goals to reach your dream?
Don’t forget to check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and take it on, if you dare! We’d love to hear how you’re living a life of adventure!

Part 2 of Grant’s Story and the Time that We Failed

Want to hear the inside scoop on what it took Grant to follow his dream of owning a music recording studio? Check out part 2 of his interview and, if you didn’t catch part 1 already, go check it out here.

Grant talked a little bit about failure in his interview and we’ve also had our share of experiences when it comes to failure. Be sure to watch this week’s Adventure Challenge to find out about a time when we really screwed up an interview while we were on the 2012 Blank Canvas Tour.

So now that you’ve heard our embarrassing story… We want to hear about your experiences, big or small, with failure. Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about dealing with failure. You can hit us up on facebook, twitter, youtube, or this blog and your story might be featured on our blog!


A Peek into Music Recording/Producing

We got to check out this really sweet music recording studio while we were in Goshen, IN. Seriously, we loved it.. and we loved the fact that we got to hear the story behind it through an interview with Grant, a music producer/engineer. He has a really cool story of starting out in a band and then continuing to follow his passion for music by getting into producing. But I don’t want to give too much away! Check it out for yourselves!

So now that you saw just a little bit of how awesome Electric Angel Studios is, we know you’ll want to check out the website and facebook page. You can also connect with Grant on twitter.

How about using this weekend to take on this week’s Adventure Challenge?! And then be back on Monday to watch part 2 of Grant’s interview and hear about the next Adventure Challenge!

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Taking on the Adventure Challenge

Each week we want to highlight stuff you’re doing. We loved Christine’s reply to last week’s adventure challenge! Check out what she had to say about stepping out of her comfort zone and facing her fears.

“I seem to be living life outside of my comfort zone lately, as I’m transitioning from the corporate world to a full time writer/editor. Recently i’ve learned that typically it’s the thing that I fear the most that/’s worth pushing past.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Christine, and keep up the awesome work!

You should all go check out Christine’s blog, River of Thoughts, to find out more about her journey!

Want to join in on the fun?! Check out this week’s Adventure Challenge and let us know how you are/have taken on the challenge of living with a mindset of adventure!

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Turning Your Dreams into Goals

Did you all catch Kaiser’s interview about becoming an actor? If not, you might want to go check it out here. But, if you want the inside scoop on what it actually takes to be an actor, check out part two of Kaiser’s interview to hear about the ups and downs and challenges and highlights of being an actor.

Ok people! Kaiser shared with us how he has turned his dreams into a reality by breaking them up into smaller goals. Now it’s our turn! Do you dare take on this week’s adventure challenge?

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve done and are doing! Remember, you can tell us about it on any of our social media sites including twitter, facebook, our youtube channel, or by commenting on this blog post and we’ll highlight some here.


Building a Career as an Actor

L.A. was probably one of our favorite locations on the Blank Canvas Tour. We really enjoyed hanging out at the beach and checking out Hollywood. We were also super excited that we were able to set up interviews with two actors while we were there. We met up with Kaiser in a small park and heard the story of how he has pursued his dreams and goals of becoming an actor. He has discovered that it’s not all easy or fun and doesn’t happen overnight like he thought when he was younger. But he has stuck with it, through all the ups and downs, and is now living his dream.

Want to see Kaiser’s work? (you know you do!) Check out his site and follow him on facebook and twitter!

Check back in here on Monday for part 2 of Kaiser’s interview, the in-depth questions and inside story, along with the new Adventure Challenge. Have a great weekend everyone!